To Monique Wittig, in memoriam


DNI? (National Identity Card)


National: resisting the nation-state.

Identity: resisting the stable, natural identity.

Card: resisting the archive, to be registered



Modified DNIs. DNI shows many of the ways the power works. By modifiying it we RESIST:


Proper noun and its gender marks. We resist bio-powers. Cultural violence: we resist brands. Male chauvinist violence: 60 women killed in 2003. Transphobic biological violence. Biolence. DNI=DNA: we are not queer-clones. We manage and deconstruct DNIs: Dragking Not Identified (UFO: Unidentified FaggOt). We resist gender and sex marks: our sex is S/M. We work our ass. We resist kinship, father and mother, the universal couple. Wedding? Wetting! We resist a killer power, which dooms migrant people to a civil death: civil death is a kind of murder. We resist a gender-assignation system that does not allow an autonomous management neither of gender nor of sex. Free sex-change now!. We resist because there are trans bodies and politics. Sex is a migration, we are migrants in transit. We are sextrangers. We are strangenders. We resist to be human, to be a person, a subject or an individual. Our sex is prosthetic, cybernetic, precarious, multiple. Bodies that matter. Bodies that bear. Bodies that sweat. We dope our bodies, operate them, hormone them, modify them. We resist with trans-border, abject, dirty, queer bodies. We resist the police-medical body. We resist global power. We resist gay consumerism, a Gay Pride in private and close(te)d spaces. Dyke is not a brand, it is a global disorder. Message in a Bottle: we resist institutional harassment of sex workers. We fight against the straight matrix, the institutional lesbophobia, homophobia and transphobia. We squat gender and sex assignation spaces, we resist in laboratories: a straight eviction, another queer squat. We resist with queer diasporas and crowds, with a proliferation of identities: cyberdykes, bears, butchs, drag king-kong, punkyfemmes, transgenders, intersexuals, faggots...