The lesbian multidisciplinar project identified under the name LSD began on February, the 14th 1993 in Madrid, and from then on it is the only project in its field that exists in Spain. Our purpose in LSD has been to open up a dinamic space of cultural and artistic creativity and sociopolitical debate which allows and facilitates the articulation of the different day-to-day manifestations and intellectual expressions with which lesbians women build their identity and their processes of sociability. Besides, our aim has always been to interfere in the material and symbolic context that traditionally has repressed, hidden and hindered our lives since we question the rules and powers that have built systems of hierarchy and social exclusion, systems that have been particularly hostiles against women and lesbians. LSD has to be understood as a critical project, a project of resistance and resignification in the context of the latin and mediterranean culture we culturally and geographically belong.
A lesbian project in which sexuality has meant a lot. We believe that sexuality is a complex place from which we name experience and desire, the experience and desire of lesbians searching for ways to say what we are and what we want to become, outside the dominering heteropatriarchal symbolic order that calls degenerates the women that have overcome many obstacles to conquer the right to name and name themselves in their own terms in an original way. A process that is achieved through the consciousness of our subordination and denial and that seeks other sources of authority for our words, our desires and our bodies...
LSD incorporates the thought and struggle of lesbians that articulate their discourse from their bodies and their sexuality. A departure point for political action within a larger social context. We incorporate lesbian feminism from their origins to their most recent manifestations as queer, a theory that articulates the struggle to rebel and resist the material and symbolic colonization of our bodies speaking from sexuality itself, a sexuality that we understand as an erotic practice and a political gesture.
A sexuality thus understood presents itself as a complex topography that posits questions that put our action in order or disorder: how can we relate an imaginary of the sexuality of lesbian women with a model or models of interpretation of social relations and its history? How do we speak from lesbian sexuality and eroticism?.How can we make of sexuality a place to express and state dissidence and margins? Does political practice change with love?. Does the love relationship define a female identity?. How political action and the many different manifestations of lesbianism can lead to social changes and transform this world dominated by hierarchies and a binary system?. How a concrete lesbian practice can interfere in political economy, in the values that regulate work, leisure and the money relationships?. These are some of the questions we have posit to ourselves and that have enabled us to develop a number of our works.
Artistic work: the private and public spaces in which lesbians and women artists have left their marks.....proposals for political action: whose material stems from individual and personal experience of repression in the family, threats in the workplace, the silence of books, the humilliation in the school or in the city, the ostracism in history, the violence in the street, the symbolic non-existence.....Proposals for a sexual and political action: artifacts created to be poured in the cauldron of collective fights that enable us the right to live with pride, the day to day, political, private and public fact of being a lesbian.
LSD is a nomadic project that changes in the process of naming itself as the composition of the participants in their different projects changes. A project can be carried out by a group, some groups or just one individual.





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